Our story

Kids aren’t limited by trends and what others think.  Their childlike wonder and fairy tale hearts beckon us into a world all their own…and it is our belief that their clothes should be as unique as their imaginations.

Introducing Mad About Mini.

Mad because, lets face it, sleepless nights, cheerio’s in the backseat, and soggy toast on the bottom of your stilettos can drive you crazy.  And mad, because no matter what way you look at it…there is no greater love.

Truly, madly, deeply we would all go to the ends of the earth for our little ones and don’t they deserve the warm embrace of a natural, quality and quintessentially loveable label?

Each season we seek to deliver a collection that embodies practicality, functionality, style and most importantly - play.  A unisex range created by combining flawless fit with a unique twist on classic pieces.  Mad About Mini is proud to introduce you to our newest range of signature in-house illustrated prints, all in a delightful palette of seasonal hues and tones.

At mad about mini we believe in sustainability. That is why we create beautiful clothing using only GOTS Certified organic cotton, which not only ensures the softness your child needs for comfortable play, but also helps to protect the environment.

We’re aiming to be your favourite. That outfit you remember them wearing whilst looking through photos when they are 14 and no longer asking for your fashion advice. We are all about making memories – soft, messy memories that add a little bit of fun to mini wardrobes all over the world.
Sizes Newborn - 9years

About the Designer.....
Mad about Mini began in the heart and mind of Sydney based designer Kat Starr. She juggles her love of creating with raising her two boys -Harvey (5) and Beau (3), alongside her husband Matt. Designing for more then 10 years, she has worked for some of Australia’s most loved labels, and international trendsetters and style makers.  From Oroton Group, to Leona Edmiston, Top Shop and ASOS to Miss Selfridge, her design journey has been one of both fun and favour.  In her twenties she found herself travelling the world learning about who she is and what she loved - only to discover that a 3.4kg bundle that entered her world in 2013 (Harvey Starr) would become her muse and change the course of her creative focus.  Harvey’s love for adventure coupled with his love for the safety of his mumma’s arms, is what inspired Mad About Mini – a label that is just as much about summer rope swings and muddy puddles as it is sleepy winter days and newborn cuddles.  It has begun, and you are invited. Welcome to Mad About Mini.