Twinning with your mini

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While they're young, we can sneakily get away with matching our outfits with our minis. There’s nothing cuter than finding a tiny version of our own jean jacket or matching each other’s outfits by the same colour scheme.

Jo Zammit of 'Story and Co' has got this down to a fine art. A mum of two gorgeous boys, Jo grew up loving fashion and dressing up her Barbie dolls.

“I love fashion. I always have! As a little girl, I would lay out all my barbie’s outfits one by one and choose her daily outfit. Fashion was a bond that mum and I shared and we loved shopping together. So, I think I just always thought I would have a girl. I always saw myself dressing a little girl. With two boys, I wasn’t sure what I was really doing. I love shopping for my husband, so once I sort of took the same approach I started to love to dress my boys.”

On her blog, she takes us through her winter tips for Mama + Mini matching, featuring our unique Fawn print.

“Mums with boys or mums with girls or mums with both can adopt all of these tips. But remember one thing - these aren't rules! Only suggestions and what has worked for us! Have fun with it, we won't be able to do this forever ;)”

Read Jo’s full story here... Winter Edition: Mama + Mini

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