Baby Shower 2.0

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Before having kids, the dream was to have a boy and a girl – no question.

So, when my beautiful baby boy, Beau, came along as number two you could say I was a little shocked. I wouldn’t change my two boys for anything in the world, but I always clung onto the hope of having a little girl. 

Pregnancy does not go well for me. I feel quite sick for most of the 9 months so the thought of trying for a third child made me incredibly nervous. Even the thought of balancing this beautiful crazy life of mine as wife, mum and business owner while adding a third baby into the mix was hard to get my head around.

However, we took the plunge and fell pregnant with number three. I literally couldn’t sleep as we waited to find out the sex.

When we found out our number three was a girl, I knew we needed to celebrate!

When it comes to baby showers, most people just have the one and that’s it. I had a great party for my first born, Harvey, and we were both spoiled rotten.

All my girlfriends knew how much I had wanted a girl (probably because I was so verbal about it when we first started our family) and they thought it would be a great idea to celebrate the news with another baby shower. And so, I did!

The day was hosted by my lovely mum at her place. Items were made and decorated by friends and flowers were sourced from the local fruit shop and hung on the pendant lights and vases.

Not long now until we get to meet her…


Me and my mum | dress from ASOS

Photography by my lovely friend Haruka

Beautiful cake by The Bakehouse North Kellyville 

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